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AMVMR Consulting Ltd

AMVMR Consulting is a member of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)


AMVMR Consulting was created in 2017 to enhance health & safety culture at work


We listen to your needs for healthier workplace environment. We focus on solutions that would improve well-being. We support your business activity to reduce health-related absences.


We guide you to comply with your safety obligations in accordance with the UK legislation at work. You can tell us in confidence what are your concerns about safety, and we will look at realistic solutions that work with your timescale, resources and budget.


We provide clarity in achieving a silence and smooth run of your H&S management system ISO 45001 ( Occupational health and safety management systems. Requirements with guidance for use, 2018 ) with other management systems in quality ISO 9001 ( Quality management systems. Requirements, 2015 ) , environment ISO 14001 ( Environmental management systems. Requirements with guidance for use, 2015 ) or information security ISO 27001 ( Information technology. Security techniques. Information security management systems. Requirements, 2017 ) .


Our voice is independent and trustful. We can show you our capabilities and will be pleased to seat with you to listen and picture how we can help you achieving your next goals. You can feel privileged to be offered support from a great team of experts in various disciplines.

AMVMR Consulting Ltd

AMVMR Consulting is a member of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)
AMVMR Consulting is a limited company that has a Professional Indemnity insurance, a Public Liability insurance and an Employers' Liability insurance to provide Health and Safety Professional services in the UK and some other parts of the world.

We know Health & Safety.

What you should expect from a consultant or adviser? Here is what the HSE website states:
“As an employer you must make sure the consultant or adviser you use is competent and suitable. It's not uncommon for employers to spend a lot for advice that doesn't help them comply with health and safety law, so it pays to source good quality advice. Make sure they:
★ have evidence of relevant training and knowledge, such as formal qualifications or practical experience of providing advice in your industry or area of work
★ are adequately insured”

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The ones who run this company


Aline Manot

Managing Director & Founder

☑ Qualifications: Dipl. d'Ing.( Engineering Degree accredited by the CTI (Commission des titres d'ingénieur, France) with a speciality in Materials, Environment and Technology ), GradIOSH( Graduate Member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health working towards the goal of Chartered status ), AEIMA( Affiliate member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment )

☑ Practical experience: Formerly head of QHSE, Aline has over 10 years of working experience in the rail and steel manufacturing industry. She has also sight to the electronics, communication and digital transmission (fibre optic) industry as a QHSE and Information Security officer. She is now on her path towards chartership in Health & Safety, and will listen closely to your needs in training and development which she delivers on a regular basis.

☑ Competent in Health and Safety matters.


Martin Ronceray

Technical Director

☑ Qualifications: MSc( Master of Science in Offshore and Ocean Technology ), Dipl. d'Ing.( Engineering Degree accredited by the CTI (Commission des titres d'ingénieur, France) with a speciality in Materials, Environment and Technology ), EUR ING( European Engineer registered with the FEANI (Fédération Européenne d'Associations Nationales d'Ingénieurs / European Federation of National Engineering Associations) ), CEng( Chartered Engineer registered with the UK Engineering Council ), MIMMM( Professional Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining ), CIBSE( Affiliate member of the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers ), AMRSPH( Associate Member of the Royal Society of Public Health ), ICM( E-member of the National Institute Of Conflict Management ), CE Berks( Board Member and Membership Secretary of Construction Excellence Berkshire )

☑ Practical experience: Over the past 15 years Martin has achieved the status of Chartered Engineer and Health & Safety Professional in the UK and other European countries. With a solid background in materials engineering, his achievements in delivering complex projects from concept to operation in the energy, marine, subsea, and building sectors speak for themselves. Foreseeing the need to maintain and improve human safety in the workplace, he felt developing further his skills in water safety will get his voice heard and being able to divulge his knowledge across the industries. As a pragmatic team leader, he proclaims a collaborative approach and balanced work relationship where all team members have their say. Martin is also a mindful individual who takes ownership and responsibilities in priorities and strategic decisions to succeed.

☑ Competent in Health and Safety matters.


What we've done for people and their companies

Showing how various management systems (Health & Safety, Quality, Environment, Security) could work together to achieve a smooth and speechless outcome for your business, as well as certification to ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001.
Management Systems
When you see colleagues upset at work or feeling unwell, you hear lots of complaints regarding the work spirit, or perceive an increase in stress, this is where you ask AMVMR Consulting to develop and implement a well-being and mental health strategy. See it, say it, we sort it!
Well-Being and Mental Health
Risk assessments are legal obligations to all businesses, even self-employed. You could have a firm conviction on what you are doing is right by talking to AMVMR Consulting and appreciate how our review will help you to produce comprehensive and realistic risk assessments. Let's us do the annoying stuff for you!
Risk Assessments & Schemes of Controls
There are several legal requirements for welfare facilities and providing an healthy environment in the workplace. The obvious ones are mentioned everyday but have you thought about the other ones? The silent ones, the ones you may not see or be able to grasp easily? Let's us help you surveying your workplace and reporting our findings, we can then discuss, and you can decide how healthier you can make your workplace.
Healthy Workplace
Who can say nowadays that quality is not important? What did your last customer or client feedback show? Have you a firm management of quality in the product or service you deliver? AMVMR Consulting will pinpoint you into the right direction to achieve an effective quality management system.
Quality Control & Assurance
Have you observed any of your employees or subcontractors drinking alcohol before getting on the wheel? Have you heard any employees mentioning the consumption of recreational drugs during the course of their work? As an employer you have a legal responsibility towards people you employ either directly (staff) or indirectly (subcontractor). This includes preventing them from driving or undertaking any activities at risk when they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. AMVMR Consulting can articulate a suitable drug and alcohol testing policy and inspect on a random basis to give you a grip on this concern.
Drug Testing
Does your company feel under pressure and want to stand out from its competitors? Are your clients asking for several certifications to do business with them? You may be on the path of getting one or more certifications or have already made a great investment in getting them. Do not loose the steer as AMVMR Consulting will continue supporting you with regular review and examination of your procedures, performing internal and external audits, and divulging the certified processes across your company.
Are you dealing with confidential or secured information? Can you tell when was your last data breach or leak? Do you foresee any reoccurrence? We understand at AMVMR Consulting that this is a sensitive subject to speak about and therefore we can offer you a confidential and independent view on how to manage information security systems.
Information Security
Is your business selling products? Do you have your own factory, or do you rely on others to manufacture it for you? Maybe you are responsible to design or deliver a finish product, therefore have you visited how the product is manufactured? Did you hear any negative feedback from your clients or consumers on your products? Don't get your reputation damaged by neglecting your supply chain. At AMVMR Consulting we will give you piece of mind by independently inspecting, interviewing and auditing your factories and the ones from your supply chain.
Fabrication sites
It is common say that construction sites are unsafe places and if you have seen one you will certainly understand why. A multitude of activities running in parallel by different contractors using of variety of equipment does bring a challenge on its own to maintain a healthy and safe environment. AMVMR Consulting will listen to your concerns and inspect sites to identify deviations from the requirements and room from improvement.
Construction sites
Unfortunately incidents and accidents do occur. Have you discussed with your company how to act when they happen? Who is going to investigate them? Who are you going to call? Do you know where to look to find a first aid box at your work? All incidents and accidents must be investigated promptly to identify their root cause and to find a way to prevent an imminent reoccurrence. AMVMR Consulting will provide you assistance when such unfortunate events occur by investigating the root cause, interviewing the victims and witnesses, reporting to the relevant authority if required by law under RIDDOR, showing you which control measures to implement.
At the rescue when incidents or accidents occur
Do you have process incident or accidents to investigate? Or are you looking at improving your production rate? Or do you have enough to hear that the production line is stopped again or there is no service available? Then it is essential to identify a root cause (and sometimes multiple) to correct it or implement effective control measures to prevent a reoccurrence. AMVMR Consulting has the knowledge and experience in carrying out a root cause analysis (RCA) using various tools (Ishikawa/Fishbone diagram, Pareto chart, 5/7 Whys, etc.) and a functional resonance analysis method (FRAM).
Root cause and functional resonance analyses
Can you see on this horizon your target? Is there too much noise around you to concentrate to achieve it? Do you even know which direction to take? By being independent and trustful AMVMR Consulting can offer a hassle-free vision on your health & safety challenges, silencing the loud background that distracts you.
Bringing new perspectives and ideas

Our Skills.

★ Compliance to Legal HSE Obligations

★ Health and Safety Management Systems

★ Quality Management Systems

★ Environmental Management Systems

★ Information Management Systems

★ Materials Engineering

★ Building Engineering Services

★ Water Safety


Experienced navigators
We will help you to navigate in the ocean of HSE regulations

From stress and anxiety
We will get you from a stressful and anxious situation to ease and peace of mind
To peace of mind


Choose the training courses that fit your needs.

From stress and anxiety
  • Manual Handling
  • RoSPA Manual Handling and Postural Awareness improved by AMVMR Consulting
    AMVMR Consulting is a member of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)
  • 1/2 day only
  • 8 delegates max per session
  • For prices and venues, please contact us

  • Working Safely
  • IOSH certified to Working Safely v5.0
    AMVMR Consulting is approved by IOSH to deliver this training course. Should you wish to check with them, our Approved Centre Number is 4275.
  • 1 day only
  • 10 delegates max per session
  • For prices and venues, please contact us

What attendees say about our courses

"Aline's style and delivery was excellent and comes highly recommended to anyone wanting to learn more. The course content was pitched at the right level, her ability to adapt to the differing levels of understanding and ability to explain and allow the participants to use their own real life examples to aid understanding was excellent. A pleasure to be taught by her and I look forward to further training in due course."

Julian C., Infrastructure Delivery Manager (Telecoms & Networks) at IBM, Oct 2019


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